Backup Technology

As well as on-site backup to tape or disk, many companies also include off-site (or on-line) backup in their recovery plans. Such systems carry out an automated backup, usually overnight, to a remote data centre using your broadband connection.  Often this backup is limited to only the most critical and dynamic data in your organisation, such as accounts data and email.

MCG Systems have partnered with Backup Technology to provide this additional peace of mind for our clients.  They are one of the largest backup providers in the UK.  The service is straightforward to setup and is charged on a usage basis making it very cost effective.  It's fully managed meaning that any problems are immediately highlighted and dealt with,

You'll be in good company as Backup Technology boast a significant household names amoungst their users.  We believe their client list demonstrates their quality.  After all, this is not an area for false economies.